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Richard Alvoid, PA

Richard Alvoid, PA is a law office practicing exclusively in the area of Immigration Law.

Our mission is to offer you an honest analysis of your options, a realistic prediction of the outcome, and personalized attention to your case.

We are fully aware of the importance of your immigration status in the USA.

As a seasoned traveler, Richard Alvoid has experienced similar difficulties in obtaining and maintaining visa status abroad.

Offices in Pensacola, Florida and Bologna, Italy

Our International Partner, Avv. Cristina Zanardi, is an attorney licensed in Italy and Florida Certified Foreign Legal Consultant for the country of Italy, providing legal services to many of our clients.

We have offices in Pensacola Florida and Bologna Italy. Richard Alvoid, PA established its Pensacola office in 2003 and has been serving clients in the Gulf Coast area since then. Richard Alvoid is one of the few Immigration Attorney in the Panhandle who practices exclusively Immigration Law. Our Pensacola office is available to serve for in-person or distance meetings through our technologically prepared equipment and staff.” Then, continue with the paragraph about Bologna Office: “Our Bologna office was established in 2009 through the forming of the successful International Partnership with Studio Legale Zanardi. Avv. Zanardi – Italian Attorney- oversees the Bologna branch, serves as interprete, liaison with European clients, and provides parallel Italian legal assistance to customers hiring Richard Alvoid, PA. Through our Bologna office you are hiring not one but two thoughtful and experienced professional who can guide you through the intricate issues of your immigration move, often involving legal matters of both countries. Richard Alvoid and Cristina Zanardi divide their time between the two branches ad are both available in both the Pensacola and Bologna branch via either in-person or distance meetings.

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We Understand

We also understand the consequences of poorly-prepared or mis-filed immigration applications.

Since immigration status is most people’s primary concern during their stay in the United States, we take the time to explain all options and their consequences in a non-hurried manner.

Do not entrust your immigration concerns to an attorney not practicing primarily in immigration law.

With Richard Alvoid, you will not hear what you want to hear, but will get an honest assessment of your case based on extensive professional and travel experience.

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