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Due to the current medical situation caused by the COVID-19, and the need to take precautions to prevent and avoid spreading through the gathering of people in closed spaces – as advised by international health and government officials and experts – by following and implementing measures that are or will soon become required in the USA; also in light of our experience in the country of Italy, where we hold a satellite office, as well as that of many other countries where the outbreak has already arrived and daily life and businesses are suffering from major changes and restrictions;

For the safety of all people and in preparation for potential drastic changes in our economic and daily lives:

  • We will conduct our consultations/preparation interviews/meetings via remote means (Skype, phone, Zoom, Whatsapp, etc.) and will try our best to accommodate and assist anyone with lack of technological means or difficulties;
  • All in-person exchanges with our office will be temporarily suspended until further notice;
  • Documents, physical items, filing fee checks/money orders necessary to the preparation of your case can be provided to us via scan/email/fax or, if required in original, by mail or drop-off box outside our office;
  • We encourage to discontinue payments of attorney’s fees by check and cash if you have the possibility to pay through credit/debit card, and ask you to use our online payment system or call in the payment over the phone;
  • We, as a business who has been successfully using and implementing remote and digital case and employee management for more than 10 years, are very ready for what is to come, and you should remain reassured that the quality of the services we will continue to provide to you and your case will not be affected by these measures;
  • We know that you may have thousands of questions about the outcome of your applications, petitions, visas, etc. and how the current evolving situation may affect your stay or entry in the USA in the near future, but we ask that you do not inquire on the effect of the Coronavirus spread on your specific case by emailing or calling our offices (to avoid overloading our already busy staff and allow us to keep timely working on all of your cases), as it is not in our control to foresee any government orders that may be issued in the future. We assure you that if and when your visa interview is to be scheduled, or visa to be issued, or adjustment interview to occur, or court hearing to be set, etc. and any notice at that time directly affects your case, we will promptly inform you;
  • see link for exact text of the President’s orders:


Certain that our actions will be well received with understanding and patience by all of you, we ask you to stay safe and use caution on your every day activities, and continue to monitor daily the expert, unbiased advisory provided by our AND other countries.

Thank you.

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Citizenship may be obtained through the process of Naturalizing, which is possible for Permanent Residents.

Immigrant Visas

Commonly known as Green Cards or Permanent Residence – immigrate to the USA,  live and work here.

Non-immigrant visas

The right to stay temporarily in the USA for a specific purpose – such as work, investment, study, training, or travel.

Italian Law Matters

Italian Attorney, Cristina Zanardi,can provide the following services with assistance on site in both Italy and USA.

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